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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Inequality shortcuts and tricks for bank test

Shortcuts for Solving Inequality Questions for Bank exams

Inequality shortcuts and tricks:In every bank exams ,in reasoning section ,there will be at least 3-5 questions on inequality. If you are ready to spend 2 minutes reading this article, I assure you full mark from inequality in coming bank exams. Before going into the questions let us go through the table below, which gives you an idea,’what conclusion can be drawn from an inequality statement.

No need to ‘memorize’ this table as whole. Just read and understand .Now let us practice some simple problems.

Inequality questions for bank exams



                Options.1 .1 and 2 are true
                            2. 2 and 3 are true
                            3. Only 2 is true
                            4. Either 1 or 2 is true
Relation between A and C
Relation between A and D
So answer is option 2
Question2.Statements P<Q≥R,R≤S=T,T<U

                Options:1. 1 and 2 are true
                            2. 2 and 3 are true
                            3.only 3 is true
                            4.None is true
Relation between P and T
P<Q>R≤T or P<Q=R≤T
P<Q>R<T or P<Q>R=T or P<Q=R=T or P<Q=R<T
P<Q>R<T or P<Q>T or P<T
Either P=T or P<T or P>T(no definite conclusion)
Relation between R and U
Relation between P and S
So relation between P and S is same as P and T
So answer is option4.

Coded inequality for bank PO and clerk

In coded inequality , inequality symbols (<,>,=,≥ and ≤) are replaced by some other symbols.

Coded Inequality questions for bank exams

In the following questions, the symbols $,@,%, & and # are used with the following meanings as illustrated below:
‘P&Q’ means ‘P’ is greater than ‘Q’.
‘P%Q’ means ‘P’ is smaller than ‘Q’.
‘P@Q’ means ‘P’ is either greater than or equal ‘Q’.
‘P$Q’ means ‘P’ is either smaller than or equal to ‘Q’.
‘P#Q’ means ‘P’ is equal to ‘Q’.
Assuming the Statements given in each of the question as true deduce which of the two inferences 1 and 2 is/are true.
A) If only conclusion I is true.
B) If only conclusion II is true.
C) If either conclusion I or II is true.
D) If neither conclusion I nor II is true.
E) If both conclusions I and II are true1)

Q1.statement N%P,P&R,R$L
Inference:1. N$L
               2. N@L
Solution: lets rewrite the statement and inference
Q1.statement N<P,P>R,R≤L
Inference:1 .N≤L
               2. N>L
Relation between N and L
N<P>R<L or N<P>R=L
N<P>R<L or N<P>L
Either N<L,N>L or N=L ,which can be also written as N≤L or N>L.( Note:N≤L and N>L will form complementary pair)
Thus answer is C.
(Tip: successive similar signs ‘> > > > > …>’ will be replaced by a single ‘>’ and ‘<<<<<<<<…..<’ will be replaced by a single ‘<’. No replacement is possible if signs are mixed like ‘< >’ or ‘> <’ )

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