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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

3,4 Statement syllogism for bank exams

Solving Syllogism questions for bank PO using venn diagram

Syllogism questions for bank exams:In IBPS PO and Clerk exams ,atleast 5 syllogism questions will be there under reasoning section.Usually in clerk exams,questions are asked  from two statement syllogism,and in PO/MT exams, "4 or 5 statement syllogism questions" are asked. So,Inorder do well in IBPS CWEs, thorough understanding of syllogism is required.Here we are sharing "Venn diagram method for solving 3,4 statement syllogism" questions that are asked in bank exams. Before reading this please make sure that you have already  read previous article on syllogism "Solving syllogism using Venn diagram".


3,4 statement Syllogism practice questions for bank po

1.All Watches are Keys
2.All Keys are Cats
3.Some Bats are Cats

1.Some Cats are watches
2.All Keys are Watches
3.Some Bats are watches
4.Some Bats being Key is a possibility.

Options :
1.All 4 conclusions  are true
2.Only 1 and 4 follows
3.only 2 and 3 follows
4.none of the conclusions follows


Look at conclusions 1,2 and 3 .From fig.1 itself, you can conclude whether these conclusions are valid or not. But conclusion 4 is a possibility case. In such cases ,we have to find out whether ‘any such diagram exist where this conclusion is valid’. We know that number of diagrams are possible for a statement. So, many diagrams can be drawn for a set of statements. Modify Fig.1, incorporating possibility case(Some Bats being Key is a possibility) to get fig.2 .You can see none of the statement is violated in fig.2. So conclusion 4 holds true.

1.Some Lions are Tables
2.All Benches are tables.
3.Some Tigers are Benches
4.Some Chairs  are not Tigers

1.Some Benches are Tigers
2.Some Lions are Tigers
3.Some Chairs are not Benches
4.Some Tigers are tables
5.All Chair being Table is a Possibility.

1.only 1,2,4 and 5 are true .
2.only 1,4and 5 are  true.
3.Only 1,2,3 and 4 are true.
4.none of the above.

Modified diagram (incorporating possibility conclusion in above diagram). 


1.All Trees are Fruits 
2.All Fruits are vegetables
3.No Vegetable is Sweet.

1.No Fruit is Sweet
2.All Vegetables are Fruits
3.Some Sweets are Fruits
4.No Vegetable is Tree.

Options :
1.only 1 is true
2.All are true
3.Only 1 and 4 are true
4.Only 2 and 3 are true

If any doubt,comment below .

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  1. 4 statement syllogism nice explanation

    1. hi..
      can you give me some examples for syllogism with negative statements and conclusions with possibilities

  2. very easy to understand by this explaination

  3. you solve some questions without venn some with venn.please post answers with only 1 way.Can we solve the above answers without venn?if so explain how in details.

  4. Statements
    All oranges are apples. Some oranges are not mangoes

    Some apples are not mangoes
    Does this follow ?


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