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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Number Series questions for bank po and clerk

number series questions for bank po and clerk

Number series questions for bank po and clerk:Number Series is an important part of quantitative aptitude section in almost all bank exams.Actually there is no 'specific method' available for solving this kind of questions.Because there are numerous types of number series are available.By giving you these kind of questions ,examiner want to test your ability to analyse a problem from your own perspective and find a solution.But by practicing different kind of series you can easily identify the given series and solve it faster.  Usually two types of number series questions are asked in bank exams.

Number series Type1: Spot the odd one 
In this type of questions,you will be given a number series in which one term doesn't follow the common relation that connects other terms.You have to spot that odd one.
Number series Type2: Find the missing one
In this type of questions, you will be given  a  number series in  which one term is missing.You have to find out that missing term.

Number series can also be classified based on the relation between successive terms.In other words 'how succeeding term is obtained from previous term'.

1.Addition/subtraction number series

In this type of series,succeeding term is obtained by adding/subtracting a particular number to the previous term.To solve this type of question,find the difference between successive terms.These 'differences' will form another series.solve this 'differences' series first,then you can easily solve the original series.

Example1: Find the next term in the series 6   7    9   13    21    37     ?
Take the difference between successive terms.
  • 7-6=1
  • 9-7=2
  • 13-9=4
  • 21-13=8
  • 37-21=16
  • ?-37
Series formed by 'difference' terms is as follows.
1  2  4   8   16   ?
What comes in place of "?" ?.....Yes it is 32.
By adding 32 to 37 ,you get final answer.Thus answer is 69.

Example2: Spot the odd one in the series 5     6     10    18      35     60
  • 6-5=1=1^2
  • 10-6=4=2^2
  • 18-10=8
  • 35-18=17
  • 60-35=25=5^2
Here you can see,no specific relation exist between 10&18 and 18&35.
So 18 is the odd one
Correct series is as follows

 5     6     10    19      35     60
  • 6-5=1=1^2
  • 10-6=4=2^2
  • 19-10=9=3^3
  • 35-19=16=4^2
  • 60-35=25=5^2
2.Multiplication/Division number series
In this  type of series succeeding term is obtained by multiplying/dividing previous term by a particular number.To solve this type of question ,find the multiplication factor between terms and write it as a series.Solve these 'multiplication factors' series first.Then you can you can easily solve the original series.
Example1:Find the next term in the series. 3   6   15   45   157.5    ?

  • 6=3*2
  • 15=6*2.5
  • 45=15*3
  • 157.5=45*3.5
Series formed by multiplication factors is 2  2.5   3   3.5   ?
What comes in place of "?" ? It is 4.
So ?=157.5*4=630.
Thus answer is 630.

Example2:Find the odd term in the series.1   2   8    72     1250
  • 2=1*1^2
  • 8=2*2^2
  • 72=8*3^2
Here you can see  multiplication terms form a series 1^2    2^2   3^2   ?.
What comes in place of "?" ?.It is 4^2. So, 72*4^2=1152 comes in place of 1250.Thus odd one is 1250.

3.Combination of Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication /division series
In this type of series succeeding term is obtained by multiplying previous term by a number and adding/subtracting some other number.Like in above cases this multiplying/adding/subtracting number will form a series or a particular pattern.Try to identify the patterns that multiplying/adding/subtracting numbers are following.Then you can easily figure out pattern behind 
original series.

Example: 4     3     4     9    32
At first,by looking at the series you may not be able to figure out relation between successive terms.As already said,actually there exist  no 'specific logic ' to solve number series questions.You need to practice more and more questions,so that your brain will get adapted to these kind of problems.Now lets look into the pattern that above series is following.
  • 3=4*1-1
  • 4=3*2-2
  • 9=4*3-3
  • 32=9*4-4
You can see that multiplying terms and subtracting terms follows a certain pattern.

4:Apart from above categories ,series can be formed by adding/subtracting multiple numbers with previous term to get succeeding term.
Example:1   2     7     50     2507
  • 2=1^2 +1
  • 7=2^2 + 3
  • 50=7^2 +5
  • 2507=50^2 +7
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