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Thursday, 10 December 2015

 Coding and Decoding for IBPS PO and clerk

Coding and Decoding questions for bank po and clerk:Coding and Decoding questions are logical reasoning questions that are asked in almost every competitive exams. Coding and Decoding is an important topic for IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, SBI clerk, RBI assistant, IBPS RRB, SSC, UPSC and other competitive exams.In bank test you can expect at least 5 questions from coding decoding section. These questions are generally easy and can be solved in minimum time if you practice well.Here we are sharing some Coding and Decoding questions for bank exams with solution.Hope you will find the following coding and decoding questions section useful in coming bank po and clerk exams.

How to solve coding and decoding questions faster?

Here we have explained 'how to reach solution of the coding decoding questions in minimum time' with the help of an example.

Example:In a certain code language “find a good home” is written as “dn co he rh”, “charity begins at home” is written as “rh na ek sa”, “find good charity store” is written as “na dn he ku” and “a store at station” is written as “co ek ku ze”. (All codes are two-letter codes only).
Solution:Arrange each sentence and their corresponding code as shown below.
Reasoning:coding and decoding
You will obtain four sets as above.Now consider the word 'find'. You can see the word 'find' in set 1 and set 3. You can also see the word 'good' is common to set 1 and set 3.If there are more than one common word in two set you cannot reach a conclusion.Now go for next word 'a'.The word 'a' is common to set 1 and set 4.There is only one common term between set 1 and set 4.Thus you can conclude that code of 'a' is 'co'. Draw a matching line connecting 'a' and 'co'. This will help you avoid confusion while making the right answer.From set 1 and set 2 you will get code of the word 'home' as 'rh'. Draw a matching line connecting the word and corresponding code.
Reasoning:coding and decoding

Continue above procedure for each word.Within 5-6 steps you can solve complete set of codes.You will get an arrangement like this.

Reasoning:coding and decoding
Note that code for the words 'find' and 'good' is either 'dn' or 'he'.

Coding and decoding practice questions for IBPS PO and clerk

Directions(Qs.1-5)In a certain code ‘always create new ideas’ is written as ‘ba ri sha gi’, ‘ideas and new thoughts’ is written as ‘fa gi ma ri’ , ‘create thoughts and insights’ is written as ‘ ma job a fa’ , and ‘new and better solution’ is written as ‘ki ri to fa’.

1.What is the code for ‘ideas’?
a) sha
b) ba
c) gi
d) ma
e) Cannot be determined

2.What does ‘fa’ stands for?
a) thoughts
b) insights
c) new
d) and
e) solutions

3.’fa lo ba’ could be a code for which of the following?
a) thoughts and action
b) create and innovate
c) ideas and thoughts
d) create new solutions
e) always better ideas

4.what is the code for ‘new’?
a) ki
b) ri
c) to
d) fa
e) ba

5.Which of the following may represent ‘insights always better’?
a) jo ki to
b) ki to ri
c) sha jo ri
d) to sha jo
e) sha to ba

Directions(Qs.6-7)In a certain code ‘289’ means ‘Read from news paper’, ‘276’ means ‘tea from field’ and ‘85’ means ‘Wall news paper’.
6.Which of the following code is used for ‘tea’?
a) 2
b) 6
c) Either 7 or 6
d) Either 2 or 6
e) Either 2 or 7

7.Which of the following is used for news paper?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 9
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these

Directions(Qs.8-10)for questions 8-10
i. 1 5 9 means ‘you better go’.
ii. 1 6 7 means ‘better come here’.
iii. 5 6 7 means ‘you come here’.
iv. 1 5 6 means ‘better you her’.
v. 3 7 9 means ‘come and go’.

8.To find the code for ‘better’ which group is necessary?
a) i and ii
b) iv and v
c) iii and iv
d) ii and v
e) None of these

9.Which of the following is used for ‘and’?
a) 6
b) 9
c) 3
d) 7
e) None of these

10.Which of the following is used as the code for ‘go’?
a) 1
b) 5
c) 7
d) Data inadequate
e) None of these


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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Alphabet coding and decoding

Alphabet coding and decoding  questions are inevitable part of IBPS,SBI,RRB and other bank exams .This is one of the sections from which you can score full mark if you pay little attention. As you know , in bank exams speed and accuracy matters .My advice is that ,write down positions of letters from both side as shown below before commencement of exam.(Even though exam is online, blank papers will be provided for rough work).This will definitely save few minutes during  exam.
alphabet coding and decoding
 Position of letters can also be remembered by the formula “EJOTY”.
coding and decoding  for bank exams
E is 5th from left ,j is 10th from left and so on..
You can also use another formula “BGLQV” for getting position of letters in reverse order .
                                                     coding and decoding  for bank exams
B is 25th from right ,G is 20th from right and so on..
Position of a letter from left=27- position of letter from right.

Alphabet coding and decoding practice questions for bank po and clerk

Example1:If in a code ‘MASTER’ is written as ‘SAMRET’, then how ‘PEOPLE’ be written in the same code?
Answer with explanation .( 4)
coding and decoding  for bank exams

Example2:  In a certain code ‘CANDLE’ is written as ‘FDQGOH’ then how will ‘MINUTE’ be written in the same code.
Answer with explanation. (1)
coding and decoding  for bank exams
coding and decoding  for bank exams

Example3:In a code BOXER is written as AQWGQ  then VISIT is written as –

Answer with explanation:(2)
coding and decoding

coding and decoding

Example 4:If CEG is written as TSR and FHJ is written as QPO then IKM is written as-
Answer With explanation:(4)
coding and decoding  for bank exams

coding and decoding

Example 5:In a certain code PLAN written as QBMS then RAIN is written as –
 4. QBJU

Answer with explanation: (3)
coding and decoding

coding and decoding

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