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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Alphabet coding and decoding for bank exam

Alphabet coding and decoding

Alphabet coding and decoding  questions are inevitable part of IBPS,SBI,RRB and other bank exams .This is one of the sections from which you can score full mark if you pay little attention. As you know , in bank exams speed and accuracy matters .My advice is that ,write down positions of letters from both side as shown below before commencement of exam.(Even though exam is online, blank papers will be provided for rough work).This will definitely save few minutes during  exam.
alphabet coding and decoding
 Position of letters can also be remembered by the formula “EJOTY”.
coding and decoding  for bank exams
E is 5th from left ,j is 10th from left and so on..
You can also use another formula “BGLQV” for getting position of letters in reverse order .
                                                     coding and decoding  for bank exams
B is 25th from right ,G is 20th from right and so on..
Position of a letter from left=27- position of letter from right.

Alphabet coding and decoding practice questions for bank po and clerk

Example1:If in a code ‘MASTER’ is written as ‘SAMRET’, then how ‘PEOPLE’ be written in the same code?
Answer with explanation .( 4)
coding and decoding  for bank exams

Example2:  In a certain code ‘CANDLE’ is written as ‘FDQGOH’ then how will ‘MINUTE’ be written in the same code.
Answer with explanation. (1)
coding and decoding  for bank exams
coding and decoding  for bank exams

Example3:In a code BOXER is written as AQWGQ  then VISIT is written as –

Answer with explanation:(2)
coding and decoding

coding and decoding

Example 4:If CEG is written as TSR and FHJ is written as QPO then IKM is written as-
Answer With explanation:(4)
coding and decoding  for bank exams

coding and decoding

Example 5:In a certain code PLAN written as QBMS then RAIN is written as –
 4. QBJU

Answer with explanation: (3)
coding and decoding

coding and decoding

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