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Monday, 20 June 2016

syllogism shortcuts and tricks for bank exam

How to solve Syllogism for bank PO and Clerk using cross cancellation and vertical cancellation

Syllogism for bank exam:In every bank test you can find at least  5 questions from syllogism.Most of the candidates find "syllogism " bit confusing.But this is one of the section from which you can easily score 5-6 marks without much effort. Once you understand the concept of syllogism thoroughly there will be no place for confusion.   As you know in bank clerk exams  most of the syllogism questions will be based on two statements.In PO/MT exams questions will be from 3 or 4 statement syllogism. Here we are sharing two simple methods to solve syllogism.Cross cancellation and vertical cancellation.These two methods are extremely simple, but not effective in complex questions.You can use this method for solving "direct syllogism questions".We won't suggest you to use this methods in IBPS PO exams.Cross cancellation and vertical cancellation methods are advisable for IBPS Clerk exams.Here we are sharing an article on syllogism shortcuts and tricks for bank exam that will help you in bank exam preparation.You can use Venn diagram method for 'possibility cases' are other complex syllogism problems

Following are the main rules for solving Syllogism Problems : 

  1. All + All=All 
  2. All + No=No 
  3. All + Some=No Conclusion
  4. Some + No= Some Not 
  5. Some + All=Some 
  6. Some + Some= No Conclusion
  7. No + Some=Some Not (Reversed) 
  8. No + All = Some Not(Reversed) 
  9. No + No=No Conclusion 
  10.  Some Not /Some Not Reversed + Anything = No Conclusion 

Solving two statement syllogism using Cross cancellation method

Example1:Statements:All maps are roads,Some roads are cities.
To deduce relation between maps and cities you can use cross cancellation.
syllogism shortcuts- cross cancellation

Strike out common term “roads”. What is left? “All maps are” and “Some are cities”. From above table All + Some=No conclusion.So , no specific relation between roads and cities can be drawn from above statements.

Example2:No pencil is  a chair,All pens are pencils
Reverse the order of statement for simplicity,

All pens are pencils
No pencil is a chair
syllogism shortcuts- cross cancellation

Strike out common term pencil. All+No=NO.So, relation between pen and chair is “No pen is a chair”

Example.3: No bag is a computer,Some computers are ice-cream

syllogism shortcuts- cross cancellation

Strike out common term computer.
NO+Some=Some not(reversed)
So, relation between bag and ice-cream is “Some ice-cream are not bags”.

Cross cancellation method for three statement syllogism

Example.Some mangoes are apples,All apples are oranges,All oranges are pineapple.

syllogism shortcuts- cross cancellation

Strike out common term from first and second statements.
Strike out common term from second and third statements also.
From first and second statements Some + All = Some
Add this result to next, ie Some+All=Some
So, relation between mangoes and pineapples is “Some mangoes are pineapples”

Vertical cancellation method to solve syllogism

Example.No car is a bike,Some buses are bike.
Here in this set of statements , there is no scope for cross cancellation. When you find questions like this, go for vertical cancellation method.
Strike out common term “bike”.
No + Some=Some Not (Reversed) 
Thus , relation between car and buses is “Some buses are not car”.

Immediate inference(Deduction of conclusion from a single statement)

In some cases you can deduce conclusion from a single statement.Such cases are tabulated below.

Conclusion (Immediate inference)
All A are B
Some A are B, Some B are A
Some A are B
Some B are A
No A is B
No B is A

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Syllogism Practice questions

In each of the following questions below are given two statements followed by two conclusions .You have to take given statement to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Give answer
a)If only conclusion I is true
b) If only conclusion II is true
c) If either I or II is true
d) If neither I nor II is true
e) If both are true

1.Statements:All nails are ears, Some ears are eyes
Conclusions:I.All ears are nails , II.Some eyes are nails

2.Statements:All books are shrubs, All trees are shrubs
Conclusions:I.Some shrubs are books, II.Some shrubs are trees

3.Statements:Some books are birds, Some bird are fingers
Conclusions:I.Some fingers are books, II.Some finger are birds

4.Statements:All dogs are monkeys, No monkey is cat
Conclusions:I.No dog is a cat, II.No cat is a dog

5.Statements:Some phones are watches, All watches are guns
Conclusions: I.All guns are watches, II.Some guns are phones

Answers:1.d, 2.e, 3.b, 4.e, 5.b

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  1. Its very easiest way and time saving method.thanks for the posting it

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  4. Thanks for providing the information regarding the bank exam. It was really useful. Keep sharing.
    SBI Clerk Exam Coaching Centre Chennai

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