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Monday, 6 July 2015

Ratio proportion and Fractions shortcuts and tricks for competitive exams

Ratio,proportions and Fractions for competitive exams(bank po,clerk,ssc,cat,mat,upsc etc..)

Ratio and Fractions shortcuts and tricks:In most of the competitive exams quantitative part will be time consuming when compared with other sections.This is same in case of bank exams also.To improve your overall quantitative aptitude speed ,you must me thorough with basic maths rules and shortcuts. Here we are sharing some important rules and shortcut tricks for ratio proportion and fractions. This will not only help you in solving ratio and fraction questions faster, but also improve your overall maths speed.Here we have covered all important rules and formulas of ratio,proportion and fractions and examples are included for better understanding.

Ratio and proportion-Important rules and shortcuts

Example:If P:Q=2:3, Q:R=4:5 then P:R=?
P/R=(P/Q)*(Q/R)=2/3*4/5=8/15,thus P:R=8:15

Example:P:Q:R=2:3:4,then P/Q:Q/R:R/P=?

Example:If 2P=3Q=4R then P:Q:R=?
Let 2P=3Q=4R=K, 
we get P=K/2,Q=K/3,R=K/4 
=> P:Q:R=K/2:K/3:K/4=1/2:1/3:1/4=6:4:3

Example:P:Q=1:2,Q:R=4:5,R:S=10:3 then P:Q:R:S=?
 Make the  Q term in first and second fraction same and make the R term similar in second and third fractions as follows


Comparison of ratios and Fractions

Method1:To compare two fractions  we can  make either denominators same or numerators same.
Example:2/5 and 3/10
To find out which is greater, make denominators same.We get 4/10 and 3/10.From this we can conclude,2/5>3/10
                            or make numerator same
Fractions will become 6/15 and 6/20,obviously 6/15>6/20.

Method2:This method can be applied if difference between numerator and denominator is same for all given fractions.
Example:1/2,3/4,7/8. Here 2-1=4-3=8-7=1.In such cases, just look at the numerator .Smaller the numerator will be smaller fraction.1/2<3/4<7/8.

Method3:this method is applicable for all fractions.
If a/b and c/d are fractions under consideration,cross multiply numerator and denominator .ie a*d and c*b.
If a*d>b*c,then a/b>c/d

Example:7/11 and 3/5

cross multiply denominator and numerator.We get 7*5 and 11*3 

Since 7*5>11*3 ,7/11>3/5
Don't forget to share Ratios and Fractions shortcuts with your friends  .
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