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Thursday, 28 January 2016

IBPS IT officer professional knowledge questions-set2

IBPS IT officer professional knowledge questions(Computer networks)

Here we are sharing second set of professional knowledge questions for IBPS IT officer examination.In this section we have covered the topic 'computer networks'.In case you missed first set read it from here.IBPS IT officer professional knowledge questions(Concept of database design , DBMS and SQL MCQ).

Computer networks multiple choice questions(MCQ)

1. If all devices are connected to a central hub, then topology is called
a) Bus Topology
b) Ring Topology
c) Star Topology
d) Tree Topology
e) None of the above

2. FDDI stands for
a) Fiber Distributed Data Interface
b) Fiber Data Distributed Interface
c) Fiber Dual Distributed Interface
d) Fiber Distributed Data Internet
e) None of these

3.Which of the following communication mode supports two way traffic but in only one direction at a time?
a) Simplex
b) Duplex
c) Half- duplex
d) Full duplex
e) None of these

4.In OSI model ___ layer changes bits into electrical signals
a) Physical
b) Data link
c) Network
d) Session
e) Transport

5.Ethernet system follows which topology?
a) Star
b) Mesh
c) Bus
d) Tree
e) Ring

6.DNS can obtain the ____ of host if its domain name is known and vice versa.
a) Station address
b) Port address
c) Port number
d) IP address
e) All of the above

7.Which of the following is not a layer of TCP/IP model?
a) Application Layer
b) Session Layer
c) Transport Layer
d) Internet Layer
e) All of the above

8.In IPv4 class ___ address is reserved for multicasting.
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D
e) E

9.Defaullt port for HTTP?
a) 80
b) 25
c) 110
d) 23
e) None of these

10.FTP server listen to connections on ports____ and ____
a) 20,21
b) 22,23
c) 21,22
d) 20,25
e) 21,23

11.The ___ layer is responsible for resolving access to the shared media or resources.
a) Network
b) Physical
c) Application
d) Mac layer(Part of data link layer)
e) None of the above

12. 44.Which of the following is the default mask of a class A IP address?
e) None

13. Q. Which of the following protocols is/are defined in Transport Layer?
a) FTP
b) TCP
c) IEEE 3.2
d) None of these
e) All of these

14.FDDI uses which topology?
a) Ring
b) Bus
c) Tree
d) Mesh
e) None of these

15. Repeater operates in which layer of OSI model?
a) Data link layer
b) Network layer
c) Physical layer
d) Session layer
e) None of these

16.Expand ISDN
a) Integrated Service Digital Network
b) Isolated Service Digital Network
c) Integrated Service Data Network
d) Isolated Service Data Network
e) None of these

17.Router is a ____ layer device
a) Network
b) Session
c) Presentation
d) Physical
e) Data link

18. What is the use of Bridge in Networks?
a) Used to separate LANS that use same protocols
b) Used to separate LANS that use different protocol
c) Packet filtering
d) Encoding
e) Decoding

19.SMTP is the protocol for ___
a) Sending e-mails
b) Receiving e-mails
c) File transfer
d) Both a and b
e) None of these

20. The number of bit positions in which the code words differ is called _______ .
a) Hamming distance
b) Code distance
c) Error distance
d) None of these
e) All of the above

21.The address changes temporarily as the application connect to the internet is called ___
a) Static IP address
b) Dynamic IP address
c) Unique IP address
d) Derived IP address
e) None of these

22.Class D IPv4 address ranges from
a) to
b) to
c) 192.0.0.x to 192.255.255.x
d) 128.0.x.x to 191.255.x.x
e) 1.x.x.x to 126.x.x.x

23.Telnet is used for ___
a) accessing someone else's computer remotely.
b) Sending large files over internet
c) Transfer of file from one computer to another
d) Both a and b
e) Both b and c

24.Length of IPv4 address is ___ and that of IPv6 is ____
a) 32 bit, 128 bit
b) 8 byte , 16 bytes
c) 14 bit ,48 bits
d) 128 bit, 512 bit
e) 64 bit , 128 bit

25. ____ is Self-contained packet of data that carries with it the source and destination information for correct routing. ______ travels from a source computer (such as a website server) to a destination computer (client or user computer) via a packet-switched network (such as the internet),independent of any previous or subsequent communication between the two computers.
a) Packet
b) Cell
c) Datagram
d) Database
e) None of these

Answer Key

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