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Saturday, 26 September 2015

English language:Spotting error for bank exams(Part3)

Spotting Errors

Here we are sharing third part of  "English language:"spotting error" for bank exams". Before reading this make sure that you already read ENGLISH LANGUAGE:"SPOTTING ERRORS" FOR BANK EXAMS(PART1) and ENGLISH LANGUAGE:"SPOTTING ERRORS" FOR BANK EXAMS(PART2).  Some common errors occur in the use of Verb, Infinitive ,verbal Nouns, Gerunds ,and Participle are explained here.
English language:"Spotting Errors" for bank exams

Common Errors in the use of Verb, Infinitive ,verbal Nouns, Gerunds , Participle( Some important rules)

Rule1: In case of two nouns or pronouns connected by ‘not only … but also’, the verb agrees with the second noun or pronoun.
1.Not only the teacher but also the students were ready to go.
2.Not only the mother but also the children were laughing loudly.

Rule2:When two subjects are joined by ‘as well as’, the verb agrees with first one.
1.The principal as well as professors was present in the ceremony.

Rule3:No future after temporal conjunctions. The clause beginning with ‘until’, ‘when’, ‘before’ ,’after’ and ‘if’ etc. remain in the present tense.
1.If it rains he will not come.(not will rain)
2.When he goes there, he will meet his friend.(not will go)

Rule4:’Either’ , ‘Neither’, ’each’, ‘every one’ ,’none’,  must be followed by a singular verb.
Examples :
1.Neither of his two sons is settled in life.
2.Either of these  two boys is at fault.
3.None of the five girls has books.

Rule5: ‘None’ when used alone takes a plural verb though it looks properly singular.
Example:None are so deaf as those who will not hear.

Rule6:If the singular subjects are preceded by ‘each’ or  ‘every’ the verb is usually  singular.
Example:Every man and every woman was shocked at the death of Jawaharlal Nehru.

Rule7:When the subject of a verb is relative pronoun, the relative should be refered to its true antecedent or antecedents to regulate the number and person.
Incorrect: Shakespeare was on of the greatest geniuses that has ever lived.
Correct: Shakespeare was on of the greatest geniuses that have ever lived.

Rule8:When the verb comes before its subject it may agree with the first one.
1.Here  is described the charm and the loveliness of the Srinagar valley.
2.Such was the tact, intelligence and heroism of the leader.

Rule9:present perfect tense , since it denotes present time, cannot be qualified by any adverb or adverbial phrase denoting past time as ‘last’, ‘formerly’, ‘ago’ ,’yesterday’, etc.
Incorrect:I have met him yesterday .
Correct:I  met him yesterday .

Rule10:Continuous tense in place of perfect continuous is incorrect when time is mentioned or implied.
Incorrect: I am doing this work for2 hours.
Correct: I have been doing this work for 2 hours.

Rule11:The particle should not be left without agreement or with no agreement at all’
Incorrect:Trying to escape ,his enemy overpowered him.
Correct:As he was trying to escape ,his enemy overpowered him.

Incorrect:Being a cold day ,he could not go out.
Correct:Its being a cold day, he could not go out.

Rule12:If a pronoun precedes a gerund , it must normally be possessive.
Incorrect:I do not like him mixing with bad people.
Correct:I do not like his mixing with bad people.

Practice questions.
1.The Student were /officially told that they are /not to cross the road /against the red light.
Ans:Change ‘are’ to ‘were’. The verb in the reported part must agree in tense with the verb of reporting  verb’.

2.Being a fine day /we went/ out for picnic /at Shimla.
Ans:’Add ‘it’ before ‘being’. Refer rule11.

3.She said/ that /she will help me /whenever I was in difficulty.
Ans:Change ‘will’ to ‘would’ in order to get it to agree with the past tense of the reporting.

4.I have been knowing / him for the last four the last four years,/ yet I haven’t been able to /establish a friendship with him.
Ans: Change ‘have been knowing’ to ‘have known’. Verb of perception are not normally in continuous or perfect continuous tense.

5.More leisure/ as well as an abundance of / goods are attainable / through automation.
Ans:Replace ‘are’ with ‘is’.When two subjects are joined by ‘as well as’ the verb agrees with the first subject.

6.You will not be allowed/ to go home/until you do not complete/ the job properly.
Ans: Delete ‘do not ‘.’Until’ is negative . Hence use of double negative will be wrong.

7.Our manager does not believe / that we are/ working sincerely/ and with interest for all these years.
Ans: Substitute ‘are working’ by ‘have been working’.Refer rule10.

8.My elder brother and sister/ helps me / in/ my home work.
Ans:Change ‘helps’ to ‘help’.The two separate nouns joined by ‘and’ take plural

9.If Preethi had worked hard/ she will/ have got/ the job she desired.
Ans:Replace ‘will’ by ‘would’.

10.I am waiting / for you/ at this spot/ for the last four hours.
Ans:Replace ‘am waiting ‘ by ‘ have been waiting’ .Refer Rule10.

11.Neither the master  nor /the /servant are  responsible /for this sad event.
Ans: Replace ‘are’ by ‘is’.Refer Rule4.

12.Our priest say / if you pray sincerely /God will listen to /your prayers/
Ans: Change ‘say’ to ‘says’ to make it singular with singular subject.

13.None of my brothers  are/ helping me /in/ my work.
Ans: Change ‘are’ to ‘is’. Refer Rule4

14.Did I not told/ you that it was quite / necessary/ to be in time?
Ans:Change ‘told’ to ‘tell’.The verb is used in first form with the helping verb ‘did’.

15.Motion sickness is affecting/ women more / often than men but/ the reason is unknown.
Ans:Change ‘ is affecting’ to ‘affects’. Continuous tense is normally not used with verbs of perception.

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