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Friday, 14 August 2015

Direction Sense Test For BankExams shortcuts and tricks

Direction Sense Test

Direction sense questions for bank po and clerk:Direction Sense Test is common for almost all competitive  exams.Direction sense test is one of the most easiest section of IBPS Common Written Examinations.For solving direction sense questions, you need to know only two things.1)Basic understanding of different directions and their relative positions and 2)Pythagoras Theorem


Moving to right
Moving to left

2)Pythagoras Theorem 
direction sense test
Pythagoras Theorem:"In a right angled triangle Square of hypotenuse is equal to some of squares of  other two sides."  
  • In the morning/during sunrise, shadow of an object will be  towards west
  • In the afternoon/during sunset ,shadow will be towards east.

Direction sense test practice questions for IBPS PO and clerk

Example1:Starting from a point Ram moved 12 m in North direction.Then he moved 10 m after turning to his right and then he turned to his right and moved 12 m. After this he moved 5 m after turning to his left.How far is he from the starting point in what direction ?
  1. 20 m,East
  2. 12 m,East
  3. 15 m,East
  4. 15 m,South
  5. None of these
direction sense test
Example2:Anirudh started to move in the direction of East and turned to his left after moving 20 m.Then he moved 10 m  before turning to right.He moved 10 m and turned towards south and moved 50 m.How far is he from starting point and in which direction?
  1. 40 m,South
  2. 35 m,South
  3. 38 m,South-East
  4. 50 m,South-East
  5. None of these
direction sense test
Required Distance==50 m.

Example3:In a morning Geetha and Reshma were walking towards each others.Geetha's shadow was to the left of Reshma.In which direction Reshma was walking?
  1. North
  2. south
  3. Either North or South
  4. West
  5. East
direction sense test
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