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Saturday, 24 September 2016

Data interpretation questions for bank exams-set4

Data interpretation question and answers -Line graph data interpretation

Question1:Answer the questions based on the line graph given below.
1.In how many of the given years were the exports more than the imports for company A?
  • (a)2
  • (b)3
  • (c)4
  • (d)5
  • (e)6
2.In which year(s) was the difference between import and export of the company B is maximum?
  • (a)2000
  • (b)1996
  • (c)1998 and 2000
  • (d)Cannot be determined
  • (e)None of the above
3.If the export of the company A in 1998 were Rs.237 crores, what was the amount of import in that year?
  • (a)Rs.189.6 crores
  • (b)Rs.243 crores
  • (c)Rs.281 crores
  • (d)Rs.316 crores
  • (e)None of the above
4.If the import of company A in 1997 were increased by 40%,what would be the ratio of export to the increased import?
  • (a)1.2
  • (b)1.25
  • (c)1.30
  • (d)none of these
  • (e)Cannot be determined
5.In 1995, the export of company A was double that of company B. If the import of company A during the year was Rs.180 crores, what was the approximate imports of the company B during that year?
  • (a)Rs.190 crores
  • (b)Rs.210 crores
  • (c)Rs.225 crores
  • (d)Cannot be determined
  • (e)None of the above
Sol.1.(b).export is more than import => export to import ratio is greater than 1.From the graph it is clear that for company A, in the years 1995,1996 and 1997 export is more than import.

Sol.2.(d)Only ratio is given. For getting the difference amount of export or import is needed. So ,difference cannot be determined.

Sol.3.(d)Let the amount of A imports of Company A in 1998 be Rs.x crores  Then, (237/x )= 0.75 => x = 316.

Sol.4.(b)In 1997 for Company A we have :E/I= 1.75 => E=1.75I(read E=Export and I=Import)
Now required import I’=I+I *40/100 =1.4I
New ratio E/I’ = 1.75I / 1.4I =1.25

Sol.5.(b)In 1995 for company A,EA/IA=1.75………..(i)
For company B, EB/IB=0.75…………………………….(ii)
Given EA=2EB....................................................(iii)
Substitute IA=Rs.180 crores in  (i) we get EA= Rs.315 crores.
Substituting value of EA  in (iii) we get EB=Rs. 315/2 crores
IB= EB/ 0.75 = Rs.210 crores.

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