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Friday, 26 August 2016

IBPS clerk previous year question paper pattern

IBPS Clerk previous year questions pattern(CWE-V 2015 pattern)

Here we are sharing IBPS previous year question paper pattern.This will help you in your ibps clerk pre and main examination preparation.We have prepared this IBPS clerk preliminary 2015 and IBPS clerk mains 2015 question pattern based on the experience shared by some of the candidates  who have attended IBPS Clerk 2015 exam.

IBPS Clerk prelim previous year questions pattern

IBPS Clerk prelim  exam Quantitative questions

Simplification -10 marks
Number series- 5 marks
Data Interpretation(Table)- 5 marks
Miscellaneous- 15 marks (profit loss, percentage, ratio, work time, time distance speed, Simple interest compound interest,Age, mixture and allegation, partnership etc.. )
All the questions were easy except miscellaneous problems. Overall difficulty level was ‘Moderate’

IBPS Clerk prelim exam Reasoning questions

Coding Decoding – 5 marks( Symbols & Number coding)
Number series – 5 marks
Inequality – 5 marks( Direct Questions – not coded)
Circular sitting arrangement 2 sets- 10 marks
Linear sitting arrangement- 5 marks
Miscellaneous- 5 marks(Blood relation , direction sense test, ranking etc)
Overall difficulty level of reasoning section was easy to moderate

IBPS clerk prelim English Language questions

Reading Comprehension – 10 marks –( Story)
Cloze Test – 5 marks
Wrongly spelt words/out of context words – 5 Marks
Spotting Error – 5 marks
Parajumbles – 5 marks
Overall difficulty level of English was ‘easy’.

IBPS Clerk mains previous year questions pattern

Questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains 2015 Quantitative(40 marks)

Data interpretation - 5 questions (Table)-Easy
Simplification -15 questions-Easy
Number series- 5 questions-Easy to moderate
Miscellaneous -15 questions- Easy to moderate
Quantitative section was easier than expected. Simplification questions were direct. In number series questions except 1 or 2 others were easy.Data interpretation was also simple. Miscellaneous questions were from simple interest compound interest, ratio , partnership, geometry etc.. These miscellaneous questions were of moderate difficulty. Overall difficulty level of quantitative section was moderate.

Questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains 2015 Reasoning(40 marks)

Seating arrangement-Square table(in and out)-5 questions-easy to moderate
Seating arrangement- Two rows (facing north and south)- 5 questions- moderate
Syllogism- 5 (2,3,4 statements)- easy
Inequality- 5(Direct)- very easy
Puzzle- floor arrangement(8 floors)- 5 questions- moderate
Direction sense test- 2 questions- easy
Data suffiency- 3 (One remembers a particular event happened between tuesday - friday, other remembers it happened between wednesday -staurday - like that problem )-easy
Number-symbol-alphabet series -5 questions- easy
Coding decoding- 5 questions- easy
Overall difficulty level of reasoning section was easy.

Questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains 2015 English(40 marks)

Spotting errors- 5 questions-moderate
Sentence improvement- 5 questions- easy to moderate
Filling the blanks(Double blanks)-5 questions-easy
Comprehension - 10 questions-moderate(lengthy paragraph)
Cloze test- 10 questions-easy
Para-jumble - 5 questions- moderate
Overall difficulty level was moderate.English section was the comparatively difficult sections.

Questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains 2015 General awareness(40 marks)

Most of the questions were from current financial and banking news.Questions were asked from following sections
-Country,currency, capital
-SDR basket currencies
-Government schemes(MUDRA,PMSBY etc..)
-National parks
-banking and financial awareness (ECB,FEMA, BANDHAN bank,Head quarters of IDBI,type of cheques: Post dated cheques ,payment bank,merchandise export etc )
-Days celebrated
-other current affairs news
Overall difficulty level of GA section was easy.

Questions asked in IBPS Clerk mains 2015 Computer Awareness(40 marks)

Questions were from RAM,Ms office, memory (comparison of kB,MB,GB,TB), browser,file extension,os etc.. Those who have average knowledge in computer can answer 30-35 questions. Overall difficulty was easy.This was the simplest sections.

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