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Saturday, 14 November 2015

quantitative aptitude shortcuts for bank exams free pdf

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts and tricks Free eBook Download(for Bank, SSC,UPSC and other competitive exams)

Quantitative aptitude is one of the most important section in every competitive exam.Usually candidates find this section time consuming.Whether it is  IBPS PO/Clerk, ssc, upsc or any other competitive exam ,quantitative section is little time consuming in comparison with reasoning, general awareness and English section. To crack any competitive exam you need to excel in all sections.As you  know,  there is sectional cutoff for most of the competitive exam.You need to score minimum in each section.This is applicable to bank exams also.Many candidates fail to clear sectional cutoff in  quantitative section. You need thorough preparation in quantitative aptitude.Most of the people are unaware of numerous shortcuts and tricks that are helpful in  solving quantitative aptitude questions faster.You can save your precious minutes during exams by practicing this Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts.Here we are sharing Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts for bank exam pdf with you.
These are the topics covered in this Quantitative Aptitude Shortcuts Free eBook for bank exams.

Chapter 1:Basic Math Shortcuts

  1. Division-shortcuts 
  2. Multiplication-shortcuts 
  3. Square-Shortcut Tricks 
  4. Cubes-Shortcut 
  5. Cube root(for perfect cubes only) 

Chapter 2:Ratio and Fractions

  1. Ratios-Important rules and shortcuts 
  2. Comparison of ratios and Fractions 

Chapter 3.Simple Interest and Compound Interest

  1. Simple Interest 
  2. Compound Interest 

Chapter4:Mixture and Alligation

  1. When two quantities are mixed
  2. If more than two different commodities are mixed
  3. Removal and replacement

Chapter 5:Work and Time

Chapter 6.Profit and loss formulas and shortcuts

Chapter 7:Pipe And Cistern Shortcuts for Bank Exams

Chapter8:Time distance and speed

  1. Ratio of speed 
  2. Average Speed 
  3. Train and time problems 
  4. Boat and stream problems 
Chapter9:Permutation and combination important formulas and shortcuts

  1. Permutation Formulas and shortcuts 
  2. Combination Important formulas 
Chapter10:Probability formulas

  1. Some random experiments and their outcomes 
  2. Probability of occurrence of an Event 
  3. Important Results on probability

quantitative aptitude shortcuts for bank exam pdf download
Click here to download quantitative aptitude shortcuts for bank exams pdf v.1

Quantitative aptitude Shortcut Tricks pdf Version 2(V.2) 

Here we are sharing updated version of above arithmetic/maths shortcut formula pdf for competitive exam preparation for free.You can read and download it from below link

We are sure that this eBook on quantitative aptitude shortcuts and tricks for bank exam will help you in your exam preparation. Don't forget to share this quantitative aptitude shortcuts for bank exams free pdf with your friends on facebook,twitter and google+.

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